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My succesful repair with Dr. Feriduni in Belgium !



In 2017 I have had a bad FUE in Turkey. The hairline was too low and too hard (due to use of double/triple grafts in the front line),the density was not good and the grafts were implanted in a wrong direction. Furthermore I had pitting, so all together, one word: HORRIBLE.
In 2019 I contacted Dr Feriduni and he proposed a two step approach:
1. Extraction of the too low implanted grafts (with re-use) to make the hair line higher (in two steps),including extraction of the grafts with wrong impantation angle (600grafts)
2. Reconstruction of the new hairline and create more density (+/- 1000 grafts). I was lucky to have enough donor area to obtain this higher density.
Dr Feriduni is very careful in this repair-cases in order to get a natural result and to avoid extra damage of the traumatised skin.
I highly recommend him if you have a bad hair experience...
Futhermore I would never go to Turkey again for such an important treatment. We have the best surgeon in our country, why travelling far away...?
I really subcribe this phrase: " A good hair transplant is never cheap, and a cheap hair transplant is never good"...

Photo: 1-3: the result of Turkey
Photo4: the new higher hair line designed by Dr Feriduni
Photo 5-6-7: the first treatment
Photo 8-9-10: after the second treatment


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  • 4 Future hairline pre OP .JPG
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  • 9b One week post OP.jpg
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  • 8b Second treatment New hair line.jpg
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How much it cost?
Well, for repair-cases - this means the extraction and re-implantation of wrongly impanted grafts- the price is 6euro/graft (excl. TAV).
Because this kind of HT is much more difficult for the doctor than a straightforward HT.
For the extra normal follicular extractions I needed during the surgery I paid lower prices (4 euro/graft)
For me this seems to be a very fair price for such a delicate repair treatment.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Dr Feriduni is an excellent surgeon so I'm not surprised to hear your experience was great. Please keep us updated when the new hairline grows in.... you look miles better with the new hairline shape imo.


The Excellent results of the hair transplant surgery as shown in the pics can admire my people


Hello, here I am again!!!! I am now 15 months post-op after the 2nd extraction. The final step is to fine-tune the hairline in December. I will keep you posted about this step.