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my successful transplant Turkey Hair Academy DHI 4500 grafts



Hello everybody! I want to share my experience of hair transplantattion.
I had hair loss for 3-5 years and lost all the confidence. To be honest i really dreamed of hair :) but was afraid of surgery. Finally i decided to do it but coronavirus really cut my budget, so i was in search of a clinic somewhere in Europe which was as professional as affordable for me. I was searching quite long, for 3-5 months and wasnt't sure which clinic to choose. But finally decided to take a trip to Turkey to Turkey Hair Academy because price/quality balance is perfect here. And also i admired the work of the manager - he really was focused on me, always kept in touch and answered so many my stupid questions..)))
Actually i liked also that in price all the package was included: hotel, transfer and translator. I literally had no unconviences.
The surgery lasted for 6 hours. I can't say that it was nice time but actually i was prepared. Afterwards i recieved all the instructions about taking care of my hair and....i guess i feel quite happy. Here are my results step by step. My healing process goes perfect. donor zone is good, hair is growing. I've already passed the shocking hairloss and now waiting for hair growth. i'll post my results later also.


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