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Nanogen launches TV campaign



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Hair loss is a condition that is unrecognised by the public, and information, particularly on options available to hair loss sufferers, are poorly advertised. Nanogen, launch a campaign encouraging people to take action and deal with their problem.

Thinning hair is a problem affecting millions of people all over the world, from all walks of life. Hair loss is more common and widespread than is publicly acknowledged, amazingly, a recent estimation showed that more than 30% of women will have thinning hair to the point that it is noticeable by the age of 50 and 50% of men by the age of 40.

With hair loss so prevalent, it seems incredible that it is still a largely taboo topic and that people avoid talking about hair loss. Suffering from thinning hair can be very distressing and lonely, and information resources, available support, and solutions for hair loss aren €™t promoted or easily publicly accessible.

With this in mind, Nanogen proudly launches a television campaign, encouraging people to address their thinning hair problem. Hair loss is often stress related, and just taking the first step to manage the condition can make all the difference. Nanogen wants to raise public awareness of thinning hair, and the modern solutions to the problem. The days of badly made hair pieces and wigs are long past; Nanogen aims to deliver the results latest research and new technologies to hair loss sufferers. Nanogen €™s own Nanofibres, known as the, €œInstant Hair Transplant, € are used worldwide, and have been nominated for the Most Innovative Beauty Product at the Estetica Beauty Awards in Europe just this year.

Nanogen has received many other acclaims from sources as diverse as Dr. Farjo, Board Governor and current Vice-President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, to Glenn Kinsey, director of the famed Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement studios. As a result of Nanogen €™s research they are also the only hair loss product to be fully recommended and endorsed by the UK Alopecia society.

The television campaign will run for approximately a month, during which time new customers can talk to Nanogen hair loss advisors and try Nanogen €™s hair camouflage Nanofibres at a reduced price.

There is also a dedicated website launched with the TV campaign at http://www.nanogen.tv providing videos of real Nanogen customers, and information for hair loss sufferers