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Natural hair suppliments



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Hello people.

Ive done a search on this but it would be great if anyone using these could throw in their views.

Ive treated myself to some more morning tablet nutrition in the form of:

MSM- 750mg and saw palmetto- 450mg

Anyone else using these?,theres some info here:


Im also on finasteride (1mg per day) so not sure if i should overdo these really.Im looking at taking 1 of each tab per day (as well as the fin) just to see how i get on,though i know there could be possible side effects so may be better taking the 'herbals' every second day.I see pumpkin seed oil can also help block DHT and H+B do a combined saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil tablet,but it has a lower measure of saw palmetto.

Just wondering if anyone else is taking them,with or without finasteride?,thanks!