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Need advise... Minoxidil after Hair Transplant - Thank you for your input.



Hi everyone,Firstly I would like to thank you for reading my post/thread... Looking for some experienced advise... Background: I have been using finansteride for 5 years & it has considerably slowed the hair loss & allowed me to keep the hair that I currently have on my head. I had tried using Minoxidil ( for 1 week) some time ago & I hated how it made my scalp feel. The scalp was itchi and unpleasant. In addition, during that week I had more then normal shedding. Now, I understand that Minoxidil could have these affects in the initial phase. I also know that 1 week is simply not enough time to judge. Also, I want to say that the purpose of me trying to utilize Minoxidil in the first place was to gain new growth not to maintain what I already had, as Finansteride was already getting the job done.
Question: I will be undergoing a hair transplant soon, have some fear of shock-loss after surgery & wanted to find out if minoxidil was beneficial to anyone prior or after the HT procedure ?
Thank you kelmf01;ss;
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Hello man, I hope your hair surgery was successful. I used Minoxidil for a couple of years and experienced the same symptoms in the beginning. I personally think that it was a waste of my time because I didn't get any surgeries and my verdict was only to use it after the surgery. I think it would be useful to have it in your routine after the surgery as you keep more hairs and have a more dense look. But after a while, your body will tolerate it too so I guess use it but don't expect too much?


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I used to use minoxidil but stopped as it made my scalp itch like crazy and it got to the point I couldn't tolerate the itch any more....it also effected my blood pressure which was another reason I quit.....that being said it does help with growth and for some it has been proven to be really helpful. I have read lots of posts about people using it post surgery too to help speed up the growth after a transplant.

For me it didn't fit due to sides but if I could cope with them I would definitely consider going back on it as it's a proven product that works well for some.