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No more horseshoe/bald patch by Damon Ashcroft


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Valued member
Here we have a rear view photo to show how a once bald horseshoe can look after SMP. This was taken straight after session 3 so any redness will subside within 24 hrs. For any info on Damon feel free to PM me.



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hi Damon,
Very well done!

I will present another example here for the sake of informing people about the advantages of SMP or hair pigmentation.

Treating advanced hair loss with a horse shoe pattern as you call it can only be resolved by hair pigmentation (or a wig, but that is another story).
We also perform hair transplantation, but the crown area is nowhere getting that 'full' look like you can do with hair pigmentation.

That's why I really like hair pigmentation, especially for advanced hair loss cases.

Christophe crown.jpg