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Non fully shaven FUE hair transplantation information



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
We have been offering non- fully shaven FUE for about 13 years and here is some information that we want to share.

- Donor area looks untouched- Ideal for smaller treatments up to about 1000-1500 grafts

- Donor area will not look pristine if ever the hair is shaven down very short. The area where grafts were harvested will be visible as there is more space between the remaining hairs in the extraction area as opposed to non used area's.
- Only possible for smaller sessions.- multiple non shaven sessions area possible, but make the end result more expensive and it will take much longer to achieve the final result.
- each new non shaven session will require an untouched extraction area

Although there is no full shave in the donor area it can be necessary to shave the implant area if there are too many existing hairs.

Here is an example of how the donor looks like after using non fully shaven procedure.

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What length is the shortest a person could cut their hair with this type of small procedure?


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
We recommend a minimum of 5 cm in order to be able to cover the shaven area after the procedure.
Please note that hair grows about 1 cm per month. So if the hair is too short it will just take a couple of months to grow it longer for the treatment.