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Norwood 5 after 1 year : 3500 FUE by FIT grafts

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MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

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This patient pursued our clinic in hopes of increasing density in the frontal scalp and reinforcing the top by Follicular Isolation technique. Similar to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction),the physician is able to harvest hair in the donor area (back of the head) without the use of a scalpel. FIT involves no need for stitches, sutures, or linear scarring.
The patient has wavy, salt-n-pepper hair of a medium caliber with about average donor density. The patient's hair characteristics are ideal and offer excellent coverage value. Coverage value is beneficial for patients who have an advanced degree of hair loss.

Dr. Mwamba successfully treated the patient by transplanting 3500 FIT grafts in one session over multiple days. During the procedure, the patient requested of Dr. Mwamba to selectively harvest significantly darker hair from the donor area. The patient desired for the less pigmented hair to be avoided. The 3500 grafts were strategically harvested and placed into the recipient area at a very specific calculated density.




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Wow this guys hair looks so different....what a transformation. What was the reason for him requesting the darker hair? I'm guessing it was to give a more youthful appearance over the grey. It's certainly given the guy a look of more density which is an added bonus.
Thanks for sharing;)