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NW 6/7 Caucasian Hair Transplantation at Eugenix by Drs Bansal/Sethi // 4 months Update

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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The index patient was a 45 year old caucasian who suffered from a high grade of baldness: Grade VII-VII. He had very few hopes of getting his scalp covered completely. He had been discouraged by many clinics against transplantation as they felt that his donor was not sufficient. He came to us already expecting a half scalp coverage when he wanted to get the consult done. However, with our beard donor expertise, we were able to give him a complete scalp coverage.
He has been buzzing his hair short for the following three months and then allowed the hair to grow for the next one month. The results depicted are of 4 months.
He, however, has 8 more months left for his complete density to shine bright on his scalp.