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One year after FUE, unhappy with results.



Hello everybody,

I've recently completed the one year mark (almost at 13 months now) of a 700 graft (350 each side) FUE procedure in the East Coast. I've always been light on the temples and soon as I hit 30 i noticed it started to get worse. that's when I opted for a hair transplant.

Which im starting to believe was probably one of my worst ideas yet. i feel like it has made my temples even worse. the first 4 pictures are me now, the last 2 with a blurred face was me before transplant, the Last 2 after that was on the day of the procure.

as bad as it was before the procedure, I could've just grown it out and hid it pretty well. now it's almost like there's an un natural looking bald spot on the left side of my head no matter what I do.

obviously this is an extremely depressing and frustrating situation for me. not even so much the money I spent (that too) but much, much more so, not getting the results I was hoping for. now I'm on the fence, another HT would just be more money and stress/headache, but at the same time it's extremely aggravating to leave it the way It is now. what are your thoughts? is another procedure and more money / stress worth it ? thanks in advance.

TL;DR I should've just gone to Turkey.



Staff member
To be honest I would have thought just being on meds would have been the best option for you. Are you on any hair loss regimen?
You say temples so I’m assuming both sides are the same. It is possible you’ve lost more native hair, especially if not on meds. It was a small surgery so if it is a case of poor yield you’ll be ok to source another surgeon elsewhere.

What has the clinic said to you about the result?