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Partner on Finasteride 1mg tablets and minoxidil hair serum for 6 years - now hair loss patches



Hi guys
I'm hoping to discuss this with some like minded individuals. My partner (32) has been on finasteride 1mg tablets and minoxidil topical hair solution for about 6-7 years. He was losing his hair rapidly before this, but with this treatment his hair all grew back and was beautifully strong.
Recently (as in the last 2-4 weeks) we have noticed quite prominent patches on his crown which look like his crown is thinning significantly and very very fast.
As he is on both propecia and minox and it's been working so well we are a bit concerned.
Has anyone else taking these meds noticed a sudden change and hairloss?
He has been really stressed over lockdown and his scalp is quite dry and flaky so we have some hope it could just be dermititis related/stress loss and could grow bacl.
Just worried perhaps the medications are no longer working or his system has sort of grown used to them.


Staff member
There are a few people report Finasteride has lost its effectiveness but you don't hear it too often. Others have said they e changed brand/supplier and it's happened.
Stress may be the cause or he could have something else going on. I would go see your GP first. Have his scalp looked at and general health checked. If the doctor can't find a cause he can see about his stress and get help with that. The doctor may be able to refer to a dermatologist or trichologisr for a more in depth examination of his scalp.
If there's nothing detected, he may need to up his dosage as others have done or consider Dutasteride which is usually marketed as Avordart. This could be something to talk to his GP about also.

Do you have a before picture and one now showing his loss?


thank you so much Bigmac. We booked him into a private Trichologist and turns out he has alopecia areata from severe stress. so hopefully with some stress management and lifestyle changes we can get him back to rights. Although i will keep in mind what you say about Dutasteride. Thank you!