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Hey you all ! i’m a new member here? first my name is ESSLIN MORGAN I live with my Mum and my Dud I’ve been adding this forum because I’ve something to chat with and need your help if it’s possible, i’ve tried to find solutions to my neighbourhood, classmate out of my familly but i’m not really satisfied yet ;

One day when I got on the way from school there was a man joined me and told that he is my really father I was amazed on that time because I have never heard about him in my life even my mother didn’t say anything as well about him until today because of that I try to change not at home and to hide to them what i’ve known I love my home makers save it’s needed to know that who of the them is blood fathe,? What i saw we have same skin color especially our hair i hate to be injucted for making a test? Then one told me that it’s possible to test with a hair, Is that right ?

I hope your help, thanks