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Price Inflation and Lack Of Options



FUE Patient - 2000 Grafts
Has anyone noticed how much minoxudil has gone up?

Just returned to eBay to get my 6 month supply of generic minox and can't find any under £50, also not many UK sellers at all!

My last 6 month box was £35, still in my purchase history, but the seller is no longer listing them.

You expect a little inflation but that's insane, have the sellers caught on that they've basically got us trapped?

Also I used to get the 925ml bottle of Revita shampoo for around £45 which lasted me 6 months of daily use, was excellent stuff. Switched to generic nizoral for a while only to find this time around that Revita is basically impossible to get in the UK also, wonder if there weren't enough people buying?

The small bottles are still around but they're too expensive to justify, bit of a luxury item, I just preferred it to generic nizoral but no way im paying that much for it.

So yeah... any recommendations for minox or will I just have to fork out from now on?