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Prohairclinic : 2000 grafts top area and more grafts are planned



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
This client came to us in September 2018 for his first treatment.
We used 2000 grafts to enhance the thinning areas on top of this head.
Today, after about 6 months he came in to check if we can also transplant the crown area.
He will be treated in July 2019 to cover the crown area (again 2000 grafts).

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Benjamin vooraan na 6 maanden - kopie.jpg

Benjamin rechts na 6 maanden - kopie.jpg

Benjamin rechts - kopie.jpg

Crown area was not yet treated. We will update after his treatment in july 2019.

Benjamin kruin nog niet behandeld - kopie.jpg

Jackie Brown

Like you used his old hairline, obviously must help to make it more natural also. Good result for not too many grafts, nice one.