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Prohairclinic Belgium – tricopigmentation since 2012 - introduction



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
For those who are unfamiliar with Prohairclinic, here a little background information.

Prohairclinic was founded by Bart Verbeeck back in 2004 and is Europe €™s first €˜FUE only €™ hair transplantation clinic.

We discovered Tricopigmentation by accident when meeting a hair transplantation patient who came to us from Milan. He had formerly been treated using Tricopigmentation.

The effect was so naturally looking that we decided to contact Milena Lardi for training.

Sabine Dillen was trained back in 2011 by Milena Lardi, the inventor of Tricopigmentation.

Sabine has been performing tricopigmentation since 2012 and FUE hair restoration since 2004. Hence, she can be considered to be one of the most experienced hair practitioners in Europe.

We will share more of our results on this forum and answer questions about this topic.





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Look forward to seeing more of your results in the future Guys.;)