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Prohairclinic : frontal - top - crown restoration



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Method used: combination of manual FUE and WAW system (dr. devroye).

The patient had several failed FUT procedures in the past with little to no growth (not a dedicated hair transplantation surgeon/clinic).

We treated him for the 5th time last Tuesday, adding 1200 grafts in the crown. This is obviously not yet visible in the result pictures below.

Before, we have placed about 4500 grafts covering the frontal - top and crown area. Each time smaller sessions of about 1000 grafts where used by the patient request (we could have done it in 2 large sessions, but he did not want to because of fear of his past experience).

Phil  kruin.jpg
phil links.jpg
phil rechts.jpg
phil vooraan.jpg


4 awesome repairs with SMG
He looks so much better. Did he have any grafts added to his FUT scars during his surgeries with you? This session should finish of the crown nicely as it’s much better already....and will be the cherry on the cake......awesome job!!
I get why he did the small surgery’s route too after his bad experience in the past so it’s easy to understand his methodology in doing so.