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Prohairclinic - Our most dramatic repair case to date



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Yves had a Flap surgery about 15 years ago.

Problem 1
During this procedure the surgeon attempted to restore the hairline using 2 flaps, taken from the sides of the scalp.Unlike with follicle unit transplantation (FUT) or follicle unit extraction (FUE) the entire tissue (flap) is surgically removed in a shape that will later fit into the hairline.The hairline tissue is then removed completely and the flaps are placed like the pieces of a puzzle.
The good news is that the hair follicles in the flaps did survice and produced hair.

Problem 2
Due to the nature of this invasive type of surgery scar tissue had formed underneath the flaps, hence raising the entire skin/hairline.Unfortunatelly this is unfixable without resolving to yet again intensive and risky surgery.

Problem 3
Yves was unlucky and his hairloss progressed to Norwood type 7. This means using hair restoration with modern means such has FUE have no or virtually no means of producing improvements due to a lack of donor hair.

Needles to say that his life has become dominated by this problem.

We offered him tricopigmentation treatments in order to enhance his situation. We basically told him to be prepared for a major improvement, however it could and would never be perfect due to the underlying scarring problem.

Here are his before and after 3 treatment results.
He is very happy with his results and we will continue to improve some minor area's over the next months.