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Questions maybe people want to ask



I am busy preparing a paper for Dr. Bisanga, mainly on FUE because that is what we have become known for but generally for HT. I wanted to ask if anyone has any questions regardless how much they are obvious to add to the paper.

This idea is designed to open up the subject for the potential patient so any input from you guys is important and relevant. Although we have discussed before about punch size relevance and an educated extraction pattern and we will cover this again we also want to discuss so called FUE Mega Sessions, those over 3000 grafts and why we feel medically and in practice it is ill advised.


Staff member
I`m very intersted in hearing Dr Bisangas opinion on fue mega sessions which are performed in a single day,also would like to know why some peope are seen as not a fue candidate due to mushy skin whatever and how he does curly hair graft extractions.

Cheers bm.