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Rapper Dan Sur gets gold chains surgically implanted into scalp



BHR Clinic Patient Advisor
Well, where do you start, but aside from the risk of getting robbed, then yes, infection, what does that weight do to your neck and spinal structure? Will you get slapped in the eyes with gold if you run?...I guess it makes the metal detectors fun and forget an MRI scan, crash helmets, headstands, swimming, running, jumping...get up carefully not to pull a neck muscle ...it is though that I expect from today's influencers..I speak Italian fluently and get by in Spanish also and he is not exactly Shakespeare in his rapping as you may have guessed also..Low intellect meets high wealth..This is my personal opinion and may not reflect that of BHR or indeed anyone one the planet but I could not resist...


Staff member
What do I think about this, absolute idiot. It will be interesting to see what his scalp looks like when he has it removed.
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