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Regrettable result of a hair transplant in Quirón Clinic with Dr Ruipérez



Hello guys,

It's a shame that a doctors that knows in his internal jurisdiction that it's not prepared to perform an specific procedure he doesn't care and does anyway, then seat back in his chair waiting to see what is the outcome, why?, for money?, maybe it's an utopia that medical practice should be above economical interests right?, maybe for training?, I have nothing against doctor to perform training but those cases should be of mutual agreement, by one side the patient doesn't pay for his procedure expecting to get a good job and the doctor can do his training and it could be a win win situation but without the right of complaining. But those cases where the patient pay religiously in the belief that he's putting himself in the hands of an expertise and get a shitty work in exchange of his innocence those cases makes me sick.

Please see the result obtained by this patient in a famous and reputed clinic in Spain and let me know your opinion.