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Reliable Topical Finasteride UK?



I originally tried Fin and Minoxidil 15 years ago in my mid 20's. Unfortunately I had side effects from the Fin so had to stop it after 6 weeks. Fortunately the sides reversed after a few months. I've continued Minoxidil since, moving over to the foam when it was introduced. And that appears to have slowed the Hair loss, but i've now reached a point where there's no "hiding it". Or perhaps a better way to put it is it's receded to the point where I no longer feel comfortable with my hair/appearance.

I have had a consult with David from Maitland (posted another thread) and am booked in for a face to face with Dr Ball in Nov. If everything is favourable, I'm likely to go ahead with the 2K grafts to address the hairline and mid scalp. But unless I have sufficient donor, I'm not sure if the rear crown can be addressed, even if I supplement with beard hair.

Since I started investigating options I noticed topical Fin is now an option. I'm really not sure if eventually it builds up systemically and therefore eventually I'll end up with the same sides. But given they weren't permanent, I'm considering giving it a try.

However, I'd prefer a reliable source, where I can be sure the concentrations are consistent with what it says on the bottle. So can anyone recommend a reliable source that will ship to the UK.

Also have others who had sides taking it orally fared better using it topically?

And finally, if I go ahead with a HT with Maitland, its probably looking like next spring. Unless there's a cancelation. I'm unsure if its a good idea to try Topical Fin now, incase I suffer sides much later and then have to stop. As placement of grafts would be based on where my hair is at the time and if Topical Fin helps and then I have to stop, it may mean placement isn't optimal due to whatever Fin achieves reversing.