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Repair Hair Transplant with limited donor (A220) - 10 mths update

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Repair Hair Transplant with limited donor (A220) - 10 months update

This patient had gone through a hair transplant procedure from some other clinic by FUT/strip method. The procedure results were not up to his expectation as seen by the size of FUT strip & final result. So, he came to Dr. A’s Clinic for repair after doing his research.

Total Grafts = 6911 FUSE/fue (10 months update.)

Head = 2305
Beard = 4228
Armpit = 138
Public = 240

Grafts were put at a higher density in front to create a youthful hairline and then tapering as one goes to the crown swirl (reason – limited donor).

Comparison picture 1.

Full-length strip scar of previous surgery from other clinic.

Comparison pictures

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
Brilliant result the front looks superb and the crown is improved a lot from where he started. You mention his limited donor was the reason for the tapering of density towards the back which is understandable and you did an awesome job with what was avaliable.
Thanks for sharing
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Fantastic result.

Any images of the beard before and after. Was 4200 all the beard hair below the chin?

I am considering using all my beard hair below the jaw line and I’m concerned that if I extract all the hair it will leave scarring due to the closeness of the extractions


Does beard hair have to be mixed in with head hair when doing a transplant to maintain a natural appearance due to its different texture?
Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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HairHunter, we do not advise to extract hair too close together as that leaves gaps which looks odd. One of the keys to virtually scarless beard healing is that the grafts should be extracted spread apart.