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Repair work, front-temples plus scar revision, Dr Rogers



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This young patient(26) had bad hair transplant 2 years ago.
He came to us asking for help regretting the experience,
he said:" made him feeling down"...
Pictures showing improvement we tried to make
by removing some of the grafts in front
where his hairline looked really flat
and too low on temples part.

He had some strong 2hair grafts on harline
which looked so unnatural that we decided to remove.
We had to also correct the angle of some of the grafts
on hairline and temples by removing and placing them properly.

Hair transplant of 700grafts left him with long, wide scar.
As he wanted to have hair transplant
and scar revision at the same time
we were not able to remove all of his scar.
He didnt want to come back for any more work
but at the end of the day he told me
he would feel comfortable to fix his scar completely.
Hoping he'll keep me updated on his progress.

1455 grafts in total
587 1's
723 2's
145 3's

pics from before, immediate after and 8 days after HT

scar pics:



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Hi Sparky

I'm sorry to hear that. I've worked for dr. Rogers since March 2009 and I'm responsible for quality control and bringing clinic to the best possible standard. I'm in the field for over 6years and have been working with different clinics and doctors.
I can just give my opinion based on what I see working with dr. Rogers today and I value him as a surgeon and know how good he is with patients.
In the last 10 years there was a lot of changes and improvements within the hair tranplant surgery and doctors more as before pay attention to every single detail in the surgery. There is big choice of instruments and different technics. I'm not trying to make an excuse and respect your opinion, just don't feel it's fair to underestimate dr Rogers skills at present because of experience that happened 10 years ago.
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I'm not underestimating Dr Rogers present day skills at all, and he was a nice guy to talk to then, as I assume he is now, but that doesnt help my current situation.

There was also a lot of 2 hair grafts placed in my hairline at the time. I believe that now he is an accomplised HT surgeon, and you have to work on lots of people to get good.
I just wish that I wasnt one of the first, because what is on my head now doesnt bear scrutiny and now I'm off to get repaired. Thus making me put my baby plans on hold for a year.

I'm not knocking his current skills, hes now a respected surgeon. Hes no Tom Norton thats for sure, and I mean that in a good way.


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I truly undestand your feelings and dissapointment and as I've seen bad cases before and always tried to help patient I wish could do the same for you.
I would be more than hapy to talk to dr Rogers in regards to your situation.
I'm sure he would offer you any possible help.
If that's something you would be interested in
let me know and I will try to arrange.