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Required Vitamins and Minerals for Best Hair Growth



Indeed hair loss and hair fall have become a general issue. There are various reasons for male as well as female baldness is vary to each other like intake unhealthy food, pollution, unhygienic to over this problem needs best vitamins and minerals for hair growth which are followings.

Vitamin A
Being rich in antioxidants, this helps prevent hair loss, and also provides your hair a grace and healthy look. Taking foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, milk, mangoes, etc. to keep your Vitamin A intake high and your scalp moisturized.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C produces natural protein collagen and protects your hair from UV damage. It also promotes hair growth by fighting free radicals which can make your hair brittle and more prone to damage.

One of the best minerals for best hair growth, zinc is a major promoter of healthy scalp cells. It helps fight the factors that act as barriers of hair growth in people who suffer from alopecia.


Thanks for providing information. This is a really helpful thread.


Holland and Barrett health store ( here in Ireland , im not sure you have them in the uk ? ) have vitamin tabs for men tt I take is really good yo thicken the strands of your hair and make it look fuller, also have the same for women.