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Review of a hair transplant in the Hattingen Hair Clinic in Switzerland with doctors Sever and Laura Muresanu, 06/2021. FUE 4300 Grafts in 2


Gerard Decaudin

First of all, a little bit of information about me. I’m 37 years old, I’ve been losing my hair for about 10 years, I’ve been taking Finasteride and Minoxidil for 5/6 years. I’m between a Norwood 5 and 5A. Before deciding on this clinic, I obviously did a lot of research. I visited 2 clinics, one specializing in FUT and the other in FUE. I was also advised by Andreas Kraemer, who advises several clinics including Hattingen Hair.

So I contacted the latter and I immediately felt comfortable and well advised with Dr. Sever Muresanu. He took the time to answer my many questions in a professional way. After several exchanges and advice, either by Email, WhatsApp or Skype, he offered me a big FUT session.

Wanting to keep the possibility of having very short hair, I felt more oriented towards a transplant with the FUE method. Dr. Muresanu understood my choice and offered me to take a closer look at my hair using a USB microscope and Skype.

It should be noted here that I have very curly hair, and the doctor wanted to make sure that FUE surgery was possible by taking a closer look at my donor area and the quality of my hair.

After that analysis, he offered me a big FUE session of about 4000 -4500 Grafts spread over 2 days. We made an appointment about 3 months later.
I met the doctors the day before surgery for an in person consultation and to take care of the first formalities in order to save time the next morning. Immediately upon arriving at the clinic I knew that I was not mistaken in my choice. The clinic is new (they moved recently), clean and tidy. In addition, the 2 doctors are really endearing, friendly and above all competent. To After 5 minutes, we talked and I felt confident.
They are fluent in English, German and Spanish, in addition to their native language, Romanian. We began to talk quietly and naturally about my expectations, my resentment, my front line, my temples, my history, etc. Then they shaved my head and took their time to draw my new hairline conscientiously and accurately, asking me for my opinion at every moment. They insisted on the natural side that the transplant should take. I was in good hands. At the end of the consult, they told me to have a good nights sleep and advised ing on having a hearty breakfast at the hotel before going to the clinic at 7:00 a. m. the next day.

The Hohberg Hotel, where I was sleeping, is located a 30 minute walk from the clinic by taking a road that crosses woods and fields, with a view of the Swiss Alps, weather permitting, arriving at the top of the village where the clinic is located. There is also the possibility to take the bus or to book a taxi directly at the hotel.

The operation begins with the bites of local anaesthesia. That’s the most painful thing, but it’s bearable and it doesn’t last long. Then it’s the hair removal from the donor area. It should be noted here that Laura and her team, perform the entire operation manually without an electric instrument and/or robot.

The day, quite long (until 17. 30/18. 00) takes place between extraction and implantation.

The positions change according to the process: on the back, on the stomach, on the side. The operating room overlooks a small green space with trees where it is possible to spot all sort of birds. Perfect for relaxing and thinking about other things. There is a break of about 30 minutes for the meal (possibility of vegetarian and vegan meals) and of course many small breaks to go to the toilet and stretch the limbs. The team is always on the lookout during the operation: they always asked me if everything was okay, if I needed to move, take a break or if I felt any pain. At the end of the first day, about 2000 Grafts were implanted.

I went back to the hotel with a bandage that I had to moisturize every 2 hours with a spray containing a saline solution. Over the bandage, I wore a pirate bandage to cover up the operation. No one noticed anything.

The night went astonishingly well, you have to sleep with the upper body slightly raised, and head at 45° with the help of a pillow for the cervicals.

The second day runs almost like the first. Everyone is always nice and smiling, even me telling myself that half is behind me. The last two hours of the day, Laura realizes what it calls the “fine tuning” with direct implantation of about 200 remaining Grafts. The aim is to finalize the graft in detail and make it as natural as possible. I can’t believe it.

Second day, about 2300 Grafts.

The following night was a bit more disconnected, but I still managed to sleep about 6/7 hours in several times.

Finally, on the last day, the next morning at around 10. 00, there is the follow-up check and the first shampoo. Sever first showed me how to wash my hair/implants in the first few days, handed me a bag with different creams, shampoo, spray, compresses, and explained how to use it. He also gave me several sheets of paper with all the information I needed to know after the operation. Finally, he made it clear that I could call him at any time if I had any questions and asked me to send him a message when I arrived home, showing the human and non-industrial side of this clinic, where every patient matters. I mean, that’s how I felt during those four days.

In conclusion, I am not at all disappointed with my choice of clinic and very satisfied with the procedure. Sever and Laura are really competent, the experience they have accumulated in this branch is often felt and reassuring. The fact that they only deal with 1 patient over 2 days is a major plus. Investing the necessary time conveys a nice sense of calmness. They say that this allows them escape the pressure of time and they are able to concentrate more on the details.

Obviously, we have to wait for the result in the coming months, here again I don’t worry because during those 4 days, a patient who had had surgery a year ago, came to check on the progress of his transplant. I was able to talk to him, he was also very happy with his experience with Hattingen Hair and the result of his transplant was simply bluffing.

I will post photos of the progress of the transplant: 1 day later, 1 week later, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year later.

Before 1.JPG
Before 2.JPG
Before 3.jpg


4 awesome repairs with SMG
I think you made a great choice going with Hattingen Hair, their results always look fantastic….Your curly hair is going to provide excellent coverage and density. Does it feel weird having your hair this short with the the curl?


Staff member
Hi Gerard and welcome to the forum.
It`s good to hear you did plenty of research and Andreas helped you. Hattingen have a very good reputation.
Everything sounds like your 2 days of surgery went very well. Those 4300 grafts should make you look like you have a full head of hair once they’ve grown. Your post op pictures show what it’s going to look like.
You healed very well with the donor and recipient look nice and clean. I did not know that the doctors were using manual punch only.
The Finasteride will be helping you retain your hair. Did you notice if it improved your hair?
Thanks for sharing your story.
I`ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.

Gerard Decaudin

Thanks for your message Bigmac,
I will for sure carry on with the Finasteride.
It help to stop the loss. In my case, it help very well the first 5 years, after my hair less was to hard for me...
Best regards,


Valued member
If the end result looks anything like the pictures straight after the surgery you’ll be in for a fantastic result.

Gerard Decaudin

After one month:


  • After one month 1.jpg
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  • After one month 3.jpg
    After one month 3.jpg
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  • After one month 4.jpg
    After one month 4.jpg
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  • After one month 2.jpg
    After one month 2.jpg
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Staff member
Everything looks to be on track for one month post op. Are you buzzing your hair or letting it grow?