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Revita launches a hair loss shampoo with CBD as an ingredient



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Taken from their press release, interestingly it states it's ideal for hair transplant patients.

DS Healthcare Group Inc, a leader in the development and manufacture of world-renowned topical and oral therapies and personal care products, announces the global release of Revita.CBD, one of the first shampoos available worldwide for hair loss with broad-spectrum CBD as its leading ingredient.

Revita.CBD is the newest addition to the renowned Revita line, leading over-the-counter hair-growth products for men and women and recommended and used by dermatologists worldwide.

Revita.CBD, which incorporates cannabidiol, a compound extracted from cannabis, strengthens and thickens hair and improves its appearance. The latest clinical research shows CBD controls inflammation, which is associated with hair-loss conditions such as alopecia, and stimulates hair growth, prevents hair damage and conditions hair. Revita.CBD contains 150 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which bolsters hair growth in several essential ways:

  • Blocking DHT and testosterone
  • Delivering antioxidants and controlling inflammation
  • Increasing blood circulation, which helps nourish hair follicles
  • Balancing sebum production, making the ingredient ideal for both oily and dry scalps
“The DS Laboratories hair growth technology is designed to work from the root outward, enhancing the volume and density of hair at the source,”

Revita.CBD is ideal for men and women concerned about hair loss, who are experiencing thinning hair or who have been diagnosed with male or female pattern baldness. The shampoo is also ideal for hair transplant patients.


Staff member
I wonder how it increases blood circulation.