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Rounding a Blonde Woman's Hairline (1992 FUT grafts): Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC & LA)

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Office of Carlos Wesley


This 39-year-old woman underwent a follicular unit transplantation (FUT) session with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in which a total of 1992 grafts were placed.

Aspects of our surgical approach can be viewed on our site’s Most Common Questions page. Three unique elements combined to help improve her experience: methods for optimal discretion, enhanced graft storage measures, and rigid patient safety standards.

As with all of Dr. Wesley’s patients, she was NOT required to trim her hair for the procedure. As a result, this patient was able to return comfortably to work and social activities within approximately 7-10 days of her procedure.

Her hair follicles were incubated in autologous (her own) platelet rich plasma (PRP) throughout the duration of the procedure. This, combined with an ATP-containing storage solution has been shown to enhance survival of transplanted hairs.

Finally, having her procedure performed in our office with the highest standards of COVID precautions helped ensure patient safety. Every patient of Dr. Wesley’s receives a rapid COVID test upon arrival to our office equipped with an ultraviolet air purification system. Measures such as reducing foot traffic by performing virtual consultations at no charge to patients, regular staff COVID testing and no-touch temperature checks of our team that avoids public transportation help preserve our clean and sanitary safe haven. Daily sterilization of the office coupled with the most rigid OR safety precautions further allay patient concerns in this sensitive time.

The patient returned 3 years after her procedure and images of the patient can be seen below. This link illustrates the timing of hair growth after surgery:
. Similar patient hair transformations with Dr. Wesley and his team may also be viewed.









Can only imagine the positive impact this must have made to her life.


Staff member
This looks very good and natural. She must be very pleased with it.

Office of Carlos Wesley

I have attached the basic contour designed that Dr. Wesley used to communicate his plan with the patient prior to the surgery. There is always a session of pre-planning prior to any surgical procedure performed by Dr. Wesley in order to ensure that both he and the patient have the same shared aesthetic vision.



Excellent great results of only 1992 FUT grafts, it will defiintely encourage other women ..