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Sait G. Bircan’s bad work: transplant for a woman



Summary from my review: Unsanitary conditions in the operating room. The transplant was performed by an assistant instead of Bircan. Lack of control over the team. Transplant density is low. Forgot to transplant to one area.

1) I believe basic sanitary rules were not followed in the operating room:
a. Non-medical staff has entered the room in outdoor clothing and footwear, without a medical gown and shoe covers;
b. Medical staff performing the treatment wore surgical masks not properly (they were not covering mouth or nose); some did not wear at all.

2) I was promised, Dr. Bircan personally began extracting grafts, and then monitor the extraction procedure. In fact, an assistant started the procedure, and mr. Bircan arrived the operating room only an hour later.

3) I was promised, Dr. Bircan have personally performed the transplant. I signed a patient consent form, which says that I authorize the transplant to Sait G. Bircan. However, his assistant performed the treatment about 90% of the time, except 15 minutes when mr. Bircan was doing it personally.

4) I was promised, Dr. Bircan have supervised the entire operation. In fact, he has left the operating room at about 3:15 p.m., and I have not seen him there anymore. Unfortunately, I felt bad by the end of the treatment (chills, nausea, pain and dizziness) and told that to the medical personnel who stayed there, but they have not helped me, and just put me on a taxi to the hotel.

5) I was promised, and Dr. Bircan said me on the consultation, the landing density on the bold area will be maximum, with a density of 60-80 grafts per 1 cm2. In fact, the landing is not dense, not uniform, with density of 20-40 grafts per 1 cm2.

6) I was promised, and Dr. Bircan said me on the consultation, all scalp areas that need transplantation will be transplant. We specified these places. In fact, they forgot to transplant one of the zones