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Scalp Micro Pigmentation



I have recently visited His Hair Clinic in Birmingham to receive Scalp Micro Pigmentation by Andra Dascalu. I have suffered baldness since age 28 and am now 51. I have been shaving my remaining hair off on a daily basis until my partner recommended pigmentation as she was considering it for her eyebrows. We did not appreciate how remarkable this procedure is for creating the illusion of creating the look of a full head of hair. Had I known of it's existence I would have done it years ago! I've just had my second session and as you will see from the photos it's absolutely amazing and it genuinely looks like I've got real hair growing. My own hair is only at the sides so what you see on the top is the pigment. Andra is exceptionally skilled and has blended the pigment so cleverly with my own hair so you cannot see any line. The photos show some redness which is completely normal and that fades after a day. You need 2-3 sessions to achieve the perfect result. I have no hesitation in recommending her and honestly urge anyone who is concerned about their baldness to seriously give this treatment consideration.


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Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to hear your happy.......do you have any pics from further away so we can get a different perspective of this result.
Thanks for.sharing