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Simple Hairstyles for Greasy Hair


If you're dealing with greasy Brazilian hair weave and you've simply run out of ideas on what hairstyles to choose to mask your bad hair day, we've gathered some great simple hairstyles for greasy hair from which you can choose your Brazilian hair weave.
Simple Hairstyle for Greasy Hair: Classic PonytailThe classic ponytail is just the perfect greasy hair quick fix! It will help you look great, polished and will keep your greasy locks off your human hair weave. Moreover, your hair strands will help you hide your oily scalp. You can either go for a high &005 low ponytail; the secret of this hairstyle is adding volume.
Simple Hairstyle for Greasy Hair: Ballerina BunWe simply loves this simple hairstyle for greasy hair because it adds style and is very easy to wear. This is one of those updo hairstyles that you can wear both during the day and in the evening, for a date. And the best thing about this greasy hair fix is that your oily hair will make your ballerina bun look even better, super sleek and chic. Just get your long bobby pins, 2 hair ties and get ready to impress others with this fashionable greasy hair quick fix.
Hairstyles for Greasy Hair: Regular UpdoThe regular updo is one of the best hairstyles for greasy hair that's simply amazing for one of those bad hair days. It's very easy to recreate! All you need is imagination and a couple of hair clips, some bobby pins and two elastic hairbands. Prepare to rock this simple and boho chic look and kiss goodbye those bad hair days. Those who say you can't rock great hairstyles for greasy hair were wrong and you're the living proof!
What to Do with Greasy Hair: Waterfall BraidsIf you want to know what to do with greasy hair, here's a great solution: waterfall braids. This greasy hair fix is the perfect choice if you want to hide your greasy tresses around the face. We suggest braiding a one-inch front section of the hair and secure it at the back with some bobby pins. Then apply some hairspray on your hairstyle and get ready to impress. From now on, you'll definitely know what to do with greasy hair!
Simple Hairstyle for Greasy Hair: Twisty BunAnother great greasy hair quick fix is the twisty bun. All you have to do is twist some hair strands and then add them to your bun. This way, you'll get a romantic look and you'll hide your oily scalp. Just take a side hair section and start twisting it and then pull it towards the back. Afterwards, continue to add hair to your twist until you reach the nape of the neck. Secure the twist with bobby pins and, in the end, twist the rest of your hair into a bun and secure your hairdo with some long bobby pins. You should definitely include this hairdo on your list of hairstyles for greasy hair!



Hairstyles for greasy hair are a very difficult thing. Being someone who has greasy hair I know the pain of not able to do many hairstyles. But I have gathered much information to lower the hair's greasiness, all failed. Then I found Link from here I have gathered many hairstyles that suit me.


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