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SMP 6-8 months after FUE?



I've been told by one smp clinic that they wont tattoo until 12 months post hair transplant. That's definitely the best time to wait, but I wondered if anyone has had SMP on their recipient within 6-8 months after their FUE? Did it go well or would you have waited longer? The clinic I had my eye on and seems to have perfect, consistent results said the depth of the needle and general procedure wont affect the transplant even 4 months after surgery.

It seems like the FUE will turn out pretty well overall, but I know I wont be entirely happy with the density. I wont want to grow it out and have any form of comb over, I cba with hair fibres anymore or anything temporary. The time is approaching where I'm working and socialising again 6 months post FUE, lockdown restrictions being lifted etc. and I can no longer wear a hat every day. I would love to have SMP quite soon as my FUE grows in around it.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
4 months is way too early your bang in the middle of the growth phase dude....I'd wait till your pretty much grown out before having SMP......surely it easy for the artist to see where to put the ink next to the shaved down hairs if theyve come through the skin dude.

I get your concern and stuff but imo wait at least until 8 or 9 months but ideally 12 as HTs arent cheap pal.


Yes definitely 4 month is too early that you can get very good results I will take at 8 to 10 months ...