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Smp while being in finesteride



Hi guys
Had 3 hair transplant that I'm not happy with ie angles
So I want to just clipper to a no 1 guard and just have smp on the scars and thin areas I still have on top
As I'm going that short is it still worth staying on finesteride as I will be keeping my hair clipper short and be having smp ?
Cheers guys


Staff member
Are you still losing hair? If you are and you want to keep what is left then Finasteride at this point in time is the best option.
If you do get SMP all over your head it will create a great density look to most hair lengths but the thinner the hair becomes the hair length options will diminish. Right now you could clipper to a number 1 guard with SMP and look great but as loss continues you may end up with an option of having to shave slick bald every day. Are you prepared to shave your head every day in the future? It may not come to this, but you never truly know with hair loss.


Yeah dont mind clippering hair no1 guard every day etc
I'm taking couple of hours to style and put fibres in hair to look good anyhow
Ok I'll keep on the meds to keep my hair
Do u reckon having tricho on top and smp on scars
Only cos when I age I can have maturer hairline as the tricho fades
Mind u I will always have that hairline cos of the transplants