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SMP with Prohairclinic Belgium



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Normally I'm not a review writer, however, because I couldn't find a decent review on this subject myself. I have decided to write an extensive review.

So it’s about micropigmentation at the sweet Sabine. I don't have to tell the balding people what kind of uncertainty baldness, coves, thin hair, etc. entail. I tried to ignore it and carry on as everyone goes bald at some point. However, those bald and oddly shaped bald spots and coves on the head cause frustration and insecurity anyway. So then there are two serious options, one is a hair transplant, again I thought that was too exaggerated and long lasting and too fake. All the way to Turkey and all that hassle and healing process. And or micropigmentation. And I thought about this last one for a long time. I've been to several clinics, but it didn't always feel that familiar. Then it looked more like a tattoo shop, then the photos on the site were fake, otherwise the clinic itself was not professional and/or you did not trust the person you have to entrust your head with. The worst thing that can happen to you is getting an ugly fake hair tattoo on your head. It's like wearing a helmet and having nowhere to show your head. I saw with two famous football players, it seemed so fake and I thought if such rich people have such a bad result. How about me then, but then I entered to the savior's angel Sabine Dillen.

All my doubts were gone from the moment I entered her clinic. Is the clinic hygienic and chic? Yes. Treated lady professionally? Yes. But above all, Sabine was very understanding. I've been typing for too long. The bottom line is that Sabine gives you a lot of time and also takes her treatment easy. As if she wants to outdo herself after every treatment. Her eye for detail is excellent, her listening ear and professionalism made me want to get pigmented right away. My biggest fear that the pigmentation would be too dark? It disappeared immediately with Sabine's answer that we would start with a light pigment and go a step darker each time. And she did exactly that until I was satisfied with the color. I'm short of superlatives, she just gave my life a very positive turn. I like to look at my head again and I like to walk without a hat again. Yes, she may be 100 or 200 euros more expensive, but I'm definitely willing to pay twice for it. Because the result is unbelievably natural. You have to see the passion in her and how her eyes sparkle when the result is right. Like she has to walk with my head herself. People ask me to just let my hair grow out, they have no idea what it is. And that satisfaction is the reason that I am writing such an extensive review here. Are you considering micropigmentation and have any doubts or fears? Do it with Sabine Dillen (I can even remember her name) and you don't have to have any doubts and fears anymore. Sabine, thank you again!


- Bit painful

- After 3 days of hair growth you have to shave otherwise you will see the difference


- Very natural and beautiful, at least with Sabine Dillen

- Instantly get rid of your bald spots and coves

- And of course a new and confident look

- Cap and hat you can leave at home