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So what's the score with Rambo's (Sylvester Stallones Hair)



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Just seen the new Rambo flick and iv'e gotta admit i spent most of the film scrutinizing his hair (how sad am i ) i personally am convinced it's a system but does anyone else have any thought's on his hair over the years?

It's no secret that folks who have money aren't afraid of a little unnatural work to enhance their looks. From steroids, to cosmetic surgery, there's a saying on Twitter that goes like this: You ain't ugly — you're just broke.
Now, while I think that this discounts a lot of work people put into having the toned bodies we ogle over on the silver screen and Instagram, there are some things people raise eyebrows at, like Sylvester Stallone's full head of hair.
Sly's been a longtime bodybuilder and fitness buff both on-camera and off. The guy's pretty much always been in great shape. With the exception of his role in Copland, his physique has been a huge selling point in many of his films.

But no matter how many 'roids you inject, deadlifts you max out on, carbs you cut, and chicken breasts you pound down, none of that will help you grow back a thick head of hair.

And people are not only impressed with his physique, but that huge head of hair he's been rocking throughout his career. Some people even think that his hairline improved with age after browsing through some recent photos. Personally i'm convinced it's a system but could he have had several hair transplants or could it just be a wig?


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Stallone uses HGH not steroids, it's called the youth drug. Not sure if it'll grow hair as thick though.


I recall hearing about Stallone using Human Growth Hormone to increase his muscle mass and stay youthful although the youthful look didn`t work so good forcing him to utilize plastic surgery. Now he looks weird.