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Dr. Robert Jones Puts Acell Scar Repair to the Test

A biotechnology company called Acell has created a product that regenerates the skin of scars with normal hair follicles. The product is a basement membrane that allows for epithelial cell growth, or more simply skin regeneration. The raw concept is to stimulate the bodies €™ natural processes to re-grow damaged skin. The idea is that since this regeneration is natural it won €™t be rejected by the body. They also wanted it to be absorbable so there €™s no trace and completely natural to the patient €™s body.

This concept for healing the body naturally with new technology could extend to any patient looking for complete, no trace healing. Acell is a product that has been used in Veterinary medicine for years. It caught the interest of Dr Jones because it not only regenerates skin, but regenerates skin with normal hair follicles. Further, Acell has been approved for wound care in humans, and in patients where it has been used, the hair follicles regenerate as well as the skin.

The Perfect Testing Ground

Dr. Jones received a patient who had many hair transplant procedure in the past. The back of his scalp revealed that the graph procedures, three scalp reductions and two strip surgeries had left scars. The work was performed on the patient over 10 years ago and has left train track like scarring including a nasty scar measuring over 5 cm long.

Dr. Jones in the meantime had been watching advancements at Acell. This company provides human and veterinary medical solutions. One of the products they offer was a wound treatment. Acell says of their product that it will €œfundamentally change healing by triggering abundant new blood vessel formation and recruiting numerous cell types to the wound site €¦ leaving new tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected. € The only issue is that it had clinical trials in animals and then cleared for treatment in humans. It just hadn €™t been used on a hair transplant patient yet.

Seeing the Potential

Dr. Jones realized that he had the right patient for the trial of this procedure. He got a few samples of Acell and went to work on the scar repair. Dr. Jones said of the procedure €œThe question is whether or not the hair will regenerate as it does in animals or as it does in human wound care on other areas of the body €¦ I immediately wondered what great things this would do to help repair patients old scars and I couldn €™t help but imagine that using Acell in the hair transplant procedure would possibly produce an undetectable scar, and perhaps to even regenerate the donor area. €

Source http://www.drrobertjones.com/acell-scar-repair.html

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