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Switching To dutasteride



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I have been taking fin since 2002 and have been wondering about Dutasteride. I read somewhere that after a number of years Proscar might start losing it's potency. Here is a quote re finisteride from another forum:

'Fin won't truly stop loss. It only slows it down in the long term. Most patients are still back losing beyond their pre-Fin baseline condition within 5-7 years'

I was wondering whether switching to dut may be beneficial bearing in mind that it stops 2 types of 5 alpha reductase (5AR)- whereas finasteride blocks only blocks 1-the type 2 enzyme.

I was speaking to Lucky (another forum poster) and he is wondering where fin is losing its potency too.

Can anyone chip in and offer anything to this topic?



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Hi BW,

You'll find most of the HT docs are leary of prescribing Dut. One of the reasons is that it does block both types of 5 alpha reductase and they don't know the long term ramifications. I would personally stay on Finasteride as long as possible. If you truly see that Fin is no longer working (hairs are falling out like Pre-Fin) then check into Dut. but not just because you THINK fin will no longer be effective......well, that's advice from a non doctor or scientist.


Hi Beardy, was nice chatting to you.

I agree that fin helps to maintain but after two years I suspect the effects are starting to wear in the vertex area, on the other hand I could be worse off if I wasn't taking fin.

I am very skeptical of DUT, even though there is a lot of talk on the net I haven't seen any results from DUT alone.
My fear of switching to DUT would be strong side effects and worse results.

I'm on the fence for trying minox again (but in very small doses)


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I was wondering about DUT....

What are the main problems with it... I just thought it was a stronger version of Fin ??



timuk wrote:
I was wondering about DUT....

What are the main problems with it... I just thought it was a stronger version of Fin ??

The idea, medically or otherwise dut/avodart blocks I & II receptors of the 5a Reductase, but as far as I know we are waiting for proof this is a benefit.

From the knowledge of people using finasteride and avodart it is confusing and no real conclusive proof we have seen one is better than the other.