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Teen With Congenital Defect Achieves New Eyebrow and Beard, Thanks to Leg and Nape Hair Harvested with Dr.UGraft ™ Technology



This young man was born with a large congenital nevus on the right side of his face. As a young child, he started undergoing surgeries to have it replaced by skin grafts taken from the neck and forehead. Although this approach eliminated the dark discoloration of the nevus, these procedures also caused the loss of hair on the eyebrows and beard. Dr.U decided to help this teen achieve new milestones in his appearance through a pro bono hair transplant procedure. The main challenge was to reconstruct an identical looking appearance, modeled after the existing eyebrow and beard seen on the left side of the patient’s face. This involved selecting a realistic hair thickness. Dr.U, therefore, harvested hair from the legs and nape using his Dr.UGraft ™ technology.


Smile says it all. This must have taken meticulous planning and real skillful execution. I take my hat off to you Dr Umar.