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The basics of wigs you don't know(2)



1. Definition and Classification of Wig

The wigs we often say are hair products. Hair products refer to accessories made of human hair, chemical fiber, animal hair, etc. Wig accessories processed through a series of processes.

The main products of the hair products industry are divided into five categories, including springs, hair sets, hair pieces, accessories hair, training heads and other major products, and are divided into different categories, forming thousands of models.


2. The main purpose of the wig:

①Hairstyle and makeup, cover white hair, increase hair volume, mix styling;

② Make up for physical defects such as hair loss and hair loss;

③Beauty salon teaching;

④Meet the needs of special professions (such as performing arts, lawyers, etc.).

Among them, the vast majority of products are used for hair and makeup and have the fashionable consumption characteristics of quasi-necessities.

1. Wig classification and characteristics There are many ways to classify wigs, and they have different characteristics.

2. Divided by function, it can be divided into four categories: wigs, hair bundle, hair extension and accessories.

3. Wigs (Wigs) products can be divided into: full wig, lace front wig, 13*6 lace front wig and 360 lace front wig;

4. According to the process distinction, it can be divided into: hand made wig, machine wig, half machine and half hand wig

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