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The beginning of my 1903 graft HT journey done by Dr Mark Tam



Hi all

I Had my hair transplant with Dr Mark Tam and his very friendly team on the 17/10/20. Still very early day’s but this procedure is something that I have been contemplating for about 4 years.

I have spoken to various clinics from the UK and in Turkey, but Mark Tams website and his results really caught my eye. From contacting him on Instagram, to the face to face consultation, Dr Tam is very relaxed and will take the time to listen to what you want and will put you in the correct mindset of what you can realistically achieve while leaving your donor area not over-harvested. He can accurately measure the area which needs follicles to calculate how many grafts, and he can also measure the density of the hairs in your donor area so he knows what to take for the hairline.

Few months after the face to face consultation I find myself in his clinic getting my hair transplant. He was very welcoming in the morning, and even though we had already got an idea for a design he took the time to make sure that’s what I definitely wanted and spent the time to get again speak to me.

Not one point throughout the surgery did I once feel as if Dr Tam himself and his team were rushing any of the process and they talked me through everything that was happening.

It was a very long day, but this is only because of the attention to detail and the and making sure the final details such as ensuring the incisions for the follicles were in the correct direction allowing for my hair to look as natural as possible. I was given all instructions for after care, and I received a phone call making sure I was okay, and giving me further guidance. I couldn’t have asked for more!

I am very private about this issue of mine but I am really hoping that over the next year my journey and struggle with hair loss can give others the confidence to just fix what’s affecting them as I know exactly how it feels.

it’s only been one day, but from just comparing it to others 1 day post-op I am feel very happy with the work Dr Tam and the team have done for me. What do you guys think?

One day after op.

D5647A8B-D543-4F28-AAEF-50BE5C72FC08.jpeg 4C19A386-A449-4F82-AE25-729F411724A0.png 13BB9ED3-077E-4B9C-93B3-116DBDFD0C5A.png

Straight after op



Staff member
Welcome to the forum Beaglelover and thanks for sharing your story.
It`s good to hear you a positive experience with Dr Tam and the team. Those 1800 grafts should produce a nice result.
Do you have a pre op picture to show?
All the best.


Staff member
Thanks for the additional pictures.
Post surgery is always a worry but soon passes and then the waiting game begins.
Those new grafts will transform your hairline to its former glory.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Those new grafts will certainly make a nice cosmetic improvement....its awesome you've documented your journey as it will truly help others who are worried about loosing their hair. Please, please keep us updated.
Dr Tam seems a decent genuine guy from what I've seen and heard, so I wish you all the best with your healing and growth in the coming months dude.


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Hi Friend

Welcome to the forum and congrats with the HT should get a nice result with that amount of grafts ,and sharing with us wishing you great recovery and growth