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The Dentist



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Hi all..

Sorry for the extended absence.. but work its all work, work and more work... and yes it makes a very dull boy !!

Anyway, on with the subject at hand... probably in the wrong place and am sure BigM can move it to where it should be.

The subject of dentists and hairloss / the effects of a bad HT..

What the hell has dentists and teeth got to do with hair.... I hear you ask... it has a big effect as I have just found out..

I guess to start with I have to say that I had always taken my "tooth" health very seriously... always having a regular check up every 6 months... that is until my bad Uk HT all those years ago...

After I had the butchering in London I was just so paranoid about letting anyone get too close to my head and seeing my scalp close up that the thought of letting some dentist and a tech that close just was out of the question...

I always thought I had good teeth and had no problems.. all seemed ok.

Having had my repair ( but still feeling a little paranoid about letting someone get that close to me scalp, the old plugs etc do show on close examination) I decided that I was well over due for a check up.. I have also had a small toothache for the past few weeks... thinking nothing of it I went along and had a shock...

Maybe I am being over dramatic... but I now have to have a fair bit of work done to a to my teeth... I will not go into detail... but the bottom line is that I have been told by the dentist that had I continued with regular check ups over the past then I would have none of the problems I have now... and, according to my dentist.. I have just caught it in time.... !!!!

All can be sorted... but it means several trips, injections and torture in a chair !!!!

I guess the reason for this post is to show yet another aspect of life that can be affected by going bald and / or having an embarrassing crap HT..

I wonder how many of you reading this (if you have gotten this far without falling asleep !!) are in the same situation... or are avoiding having dental treatment or just a simple check up...

Like I mentioned... at the time there was no way I could have let a dentist that close to my head....

Maybe I am being crazy....maybe not..


PS.. just for those that maybe worried about the state / health of my teeth... all will be ok... :T:

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Good post Tim,hairloss does affect our lives in so many ways.

I`m pleased that you have caught the tooth problem in time and are getting it sorted as tooth ache is bad.



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Timbo--This is a funny story. So true though for anyone that had bad or old work. The dentist and the super bright light that is aimed right at your hairline is rather intimidating. Not to mention the super hot hygenist that the prick always seemed to employ. I still don't enjoy the dentist scenario.

My wife used to have some ritual before going to the gynecologist. I guess that could be much worse. I'll take the dentist.

Glad you got things all sorted.


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My member is cooler than NN's

Just returned from my latest session of pain and terror at the hands of my dentist... only 3 more to go !!

and.. yes, the hygenist is super hot.. and also the tech !! Why, guess it must be some sort law of nature !



I know hair loss can sometimes cause us to neglect some of the other things that we have to take care of because we become so consumed by it, but we have to do our best to avoid that from happening.

I am happy that you will be able to make several trips to the dentist and have everything straightened out.

The pain that you are having in your teeth is going to be a thing of the past in no time.
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