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The Level of Comfort, Ease and Homeliness While Undergoing 5,400 FUE Grafts @Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Mr. Vigyat Singh, 47 yrs old with Norwood Hamilton Grade 5A met Dr. Pradeep Sethi at Eugenix Hair Sciences after his friends's recommendation. There was a plan to implant 5,400 FUE/DHT grafts over 2 days. Watch the video to know Vigyat's hair transplantation experience at Eugenix: Designing, pre-operative procedure, anaesthesia, slit making, plantation, post-operative posedure,etc.



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Everything went smoothly for this patient. Choosing a clinic who know what they’re doing is important. Surgery should be a breeze when done correctly.