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The Maitland Clinic Wins Best Hair Restoration Clinic/Practitioner of the Year Aesthetic Medicine Award 2024!

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The Maitland Clinic

The Maitland Clinic

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We're thrilled to announce that The Maitland Clinic has been awarded the prestigious Best Hair Restoration Clinic/Practitioner of the Year at the Aesthetic Medicine Award 2024!

Dr Ball and the team attended the award ceremony held in the Royal Lancaster London on Friday 10th May. It was an evening filled with excitement and pride as we all gathered on the stage to accept this award, surrounded by industry leaders and fellow hair transplant clinics.

Winning the 2024 award after winning in 2022 is a huge achievement for our team - it is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional results and experiences for our patients.

We're incredibly grateful for this recognition and would like to thank our amazing team for their hard work and dedication and our amazing patients for entrusting us year on year since we opened the clinic in 2016. Thank you for your continued support!

Below are a few photos and a short video we have put together with the footage of the night!

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