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The Maitland Clinic



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The Maitland Clinic.

The Maitland Clinic offers the most advanced hair transplant procedures available.
Led by world-renowned hair restoration surgeon, Dr Edward Ball, the clinic provides bespoke treatments for each patient to ensure natural-looking results.
Lifestyle, health and genetic background are all carefully considered when developing each individual`s package.
Thanks to the most advanced techniques and equipment and its staff`s broad medical knowledge, The Maitland Clinic aims to offer patients a lifetime of healthy hair.


Dr. Ball began planning to open his own clinic in 2015 after working as the UK Clinical Director for one of the leading US-based hair restoration clinics.
He wanted to use his hair restoration expertise combined with his experience in plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic medicine and general practice to offer a first-class UK-based service.
After becoming interested in the growing field of hair transplantation in 2011, Edward quickly realised that the UK was lagging behind the US in terms of the range of treatments and expertise available.
He was handpicked to study under one of the pre-eminent hair transplant specialists in the US, Dr Craig Ziering in Beverly Hills, California
Dr. Ball gained his Ziering Fellowship in Hair Restoration Surgery in 2011 and subsequently became Clinical Director of the UK-branch of Ziering Medical.

Dr. Ball then opened The Maitland Clinic in 2016.

The clinic is based on the Hampshire coast, near Portsmouth with a clinic on Harley Street.
Having himself undergone hair restoration surgery, Edward has a genuine insight into his patient's experiences and understands the treatment goes far beyond simply correcting baldness. The Maitland Clinic team has been handpicked by Dr. Ball from among people he has personally worked with or trained. All the staff are experts in their field and share Edward`s passion for clinical excellence and a first class patient experience.

The treatment

Dr. Ball and his team are highly experienced in the three types of surgical hair restoration treatment to ensure natural and healthy hair.
Follicular Unit Transplant technique (FUT) takes a piece of skin from the back of the head where hair will continue growing for life and harvests healthy hair follicles from it. The skin is dissected under microscopes into individual follicular unit grafts containing 1 to 4 hairs each. These grafts are then transplanted to the areas of hair loss. This FUT technique leaves a linear scar which is concealed under the hair at the back and sides of the head.
Follicular Unit Extraction technique (FUE) involves extracting individual follicular units directly from the scalp and transplanting them to the balding areas. This procedure leaves only tiny dot scars in the areas where the hair was taken, allowing patients to have more flexibility with hair length.

ARTAS ® Robotic FUE uses 3D visualisation technology to digitally map the patient`s head and natural hair groupings. It then assists the surgeon during graft harvesting in a precise and reproducible manner. This can help to maintain the quality and efficiency of the FUE harvesting process.

Some patients who visit The Maitland Clinic do not require surgery. Medication can be an effective way to prevent, slow or even reverse early stage hair loss and is often used in combination with hair transplant surgery to maximise hair density and coverage.
Hair loss medication can include finasteride, a once-a-day pill, minoxidil, which takes the form of a foam or solution applied to the scalp, or low level laser therapy (LLLT) which can improve blood flow and stimulate cell metabolism.
With their people-focused approach, The Maitland Clinic team will get to know each patient and advise them on the most effective treatment for their individual circumstances.

The Maitland Clinic ethos

Dr. Ball and his team offer a holistic approach focused on the science, artistry and care involved in successful hair restoration.

Science: Dr Balls extensive hair restoration and surgical training gives him an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of market leading techniques. This paired with his medical background and investment in the best technology available puts The Maitland Clinic at the forefront of this growing sector.

Artistry: Dr Ball takes great pride in achieving natural looking hair by studying his patient's physical appearance and individual circumstances carefully and placing grafts to create a totally natural hairline. He has been described by patients, who witness his perfectionism first-hand, as a true artist.

Care: All staff at The Maitland Clinic understand the importance of top quality care and advice before, during and after surgery. The patient's health and wellbeing are at the centre of everything The Maitland Clinic does.

Dr. Ball looks after each of his patients personally and maintains contact regularly after the procedure.
Patients should enjoy their visit to the clinic and find the whole hair restoration process a relaxing and rewarding experience - like visiting a spa, not a hospital.


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I totally agree , we are lucky to have Mr. Ball in this country, What a great surgeon, he cares about his patients and always available when you need help and support.Good luck in your new clinic,Kal.


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Thanks Kal! Dr Ball is a standout in his care and skills.


I totally agree , we are lucky to have Mr. Ball in this country, What a great surgeon, he cares about his patients and always available when you need help and support.Good luck in your new clinic,Kal.
Yes I also heard about him ...


I agree
I had a consultation with dr ball and David Anderson
They listened to everything I had to say and offered me great advice
They did not pressure me into hair transplants and told me to think it over
Top top guys