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These hormones can impact your hair health



Hair growth hormones play an important role in our hair's vitality. These 5 hair growth hormones can have an impact on your hair's health:

1. Thyroid Hormones: T3 and T4
Impact on hair: An imbalance or deficiency can cause hair loss. If your hair is thinning uniformly across your scalp, it could be a symptom of a thyroid imbalance.

2. Estrogen
Impact on hair: High estrogen levels might give us fuller, longer hair. However, sudden drops, such as those experienced during menopause or after childbirth, can be the cause of thinning hair.

3. Cortisol
Impact on hair: When stress becomes a persistent companion, elevated cortisol levels can upset the harmony of hair growth. It is not immediate, but the consequences might be seen months after a significant stress incident.

4. Insulin
Impact on hair: When insulin malfunctions, as observed in insulin resistance scenarios, it can cause thinning hair, particularly for those with conditions such as PCOS.

5. Growth Hormone (GH)
Impact on hair: GH benefits hair follicles by increasing both growth and shaft elongation. But, as with everything else, balance is essential.

Our hair, frequently referred to as our 'crowning glory,' is intricately linked to our body's hormonal symphony. Recognizing and correcting imbalances can improve not only your hair's health but also your overall well-being.