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Things I use after a hair transplant

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First is comfort you will need a memory foam neck pillow as in picture, this helps a lot the first few night when lying on your back, plus use a towel wrap it around your neck so it prevents you from lying on your sides I only use this technique for the first few nights. Pillow covers as seen in picture you don't want a bill for damaging hotel pillows after your operation, water and blood comes off your head the first couple of nights maybe longer depends on the person. Wooly gloves so you don't scratch you head I just use then the first few nights, I know it seems a bit extreme but you don't want to catch your head with finger nails in fact cut them off although not easy for women.

Saline spray you can start using this after the operation, you will need this as when it's healing it can be very sore and itchy. The one I always use is called Prontolind spray, always apply a little first to see how this goes then increase the following day.

Antibiotic cream incase you have an outbreak of folliculitis or red soreness, I'm in Turkey and most chemist's sell over the counter products I use Balaban 2% Pomad Antibiotic cream, discovered this from my first surgery in Turkey its also very cheap to buy.

Hope this helps any newbies out there that are going to be going through a hair transplant.



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Thanks for sharing your post-op tips and the items that you used. Quite a few people leave the clinics with virtually nothing and little post-op aftercare instructions. It’s advisable to pre-check with your clinic what they supply you with and anything extra you may need to acquire yourself.


Hi @Newcastleblogger - regarding the Prontolind spray - is it definitely safe to use on a new hair transplant? I noticed that the ingredients are not just saline spray so just wondered. Thanks in advance! :)