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This is my story




I am 33 years old en this is my story.

I have been in doubt about undergoing a hair transplant for more than 5 years. I have read and researched a lot about hair transplants. I also have a friend who had a hair transplant in Turkey and became a completely different person (his self-confidence has been boosted because he also looks much better with hair).

I had (still have) a complex about my hair. I had to face the truth and I noticed that my hairline was going backwards. In the end I had the impression that I was camouflaging my hair (read inlets) instead of growing it.

When I realised this, I had had enough and started researching about hair transplants (all over Europe).

I had several consultations with different doctors and clinics but was never really convinced.

I ended up with Dr. Feriduni.

I did not know what to expect but made an appointment anyway.

My appointment took place during the Covid pandemic. Dr. Ferudini insisted that I undergo a PCR test no more than 48 hours before my consultation with him and, of course, my result had to be negative.

It may sound strange but this was already a first positive sign for me. It immediately showed the professionalism and seriousness with which Dr. Feriduni works.

The consultation itself took place with Dr. Feriduni, in contrast to another hair clinic I had contacted, where I was presented with 'a consultant' (who had never undergone a hair transplant herself).

I immediately noticed that Dr. Feriduni was a very pleasant person. He took his time and listened attentively to my complexities about my hair.

He then examined my hair in detail to see whether I was eligible for a transplant and also how my hair pattern would develop in the future (how thick is my hair, how much donor hair do I have, etc.). This is of course an important phase in the process which, to be honest, I had not yet experienced.

Dr Feriduni estimated my donor hairs to be around 10,000 grafts. He estimated that the operation itself would take between 1200 and 1400 grafts (FUE).

Dr. Feriduni never intruded. I certainly did not get the impression that he was trying to sell me something.

Immediately after my consultation, I received a treatment report/summary of what we had discussed by e-mail.

I then spent several months thinking and emailing the staff at Dr. Feriduni's clinic because I still had some questions (which Dr. Feriduni had already largely answered).

I must say that his staff were always very friendly, professional and patient (in other words, top service).

I was convinced that if I ever wanted to have a hair transplant, it would be with Dr. Feriduni.

I hesitated for a while, but finally made up my mind and scheduled the operation.

On the day of the consultation itself, I was picked up by a taxi early in the morning and arrived at the clinic at around 7.30am.

I was immediately escorted by a very friendly lady to my private room, where there were drinks and an operation outfit.

I was asked what I wanted to eat at lunchtime (I could choose from several dishes) and then a short welcome talk took place.

Some time later, Dr. Feriduni came to get me. Again, he took the time to listen to me and discuss the transplantation with me. He saw that I was still nervous but he really put me at ease. Dr. Feriduni also drew the hairline and discussed it with me. This too was done with the utmost care and attention to detail.

I suspect that the operation started at 9 o'clock. The ladies who assisted Dr. Feriduni were again very friendly and helpful.

To be honest, the operation itself went by faster than I expected. In the end, almost 1845 grafts were implanted (instead of the estimated 1200 to 1400). It just goes to show how well people can camouflage their inlets with hair ;)

After the operation, I ate my lunch in my room and was explained the process after the operation. I was given medication, hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) as well as a list of all kinds of instructions, Q&A, and information. What is also very handy is Dr. Feriduni's app. Through this app, I can perfectly follow what I could do or return to when. For instance, during the first few days you may not exercise, drink alcohol or smoke. The app gives a perfect overview of when you can and cannot do what.

The information that Dr. Feriduni gave me also mentioned how my - transplanted - hair would develop.

I'm now about two months post-transplant and I have to say that so far everything is going as described by Dr. Feriduni.

For the first 14 days, the wounds heal and scabs form on the top of the head. After 14 days, all these scabs are gone. The donor area had already recovered after +/- 1 week. In other words, you no longer see that you have undergone transplantation.

Afterwards, the transplanted hairs fall out (especially during the first month). This does not give a good feeling, because your hair looks like it did before the transplantation.

I am now 2 months after my transplant. My non-transplanted hairs have already grown back a bit, but of course we have to wait and see when my transplanted hairs will start growing.

I still don't feel super great because of my hair, but of course I'm holding on and looking forward to the future.

According to the information I received from Dr. Feriduni, this should happen from the 3rd month onwards. I am curious.

I have no regrets about the transplant so far. I'm really glad I had it done by Dr. Feriduni. I am not saying that because he asked me to do it (on the contrary) but simply because it is real.

I can only recommend this clinic to doubters or those who are interested. Both the doctor and his staff have done a great job so far.

I will keep you informed about the evolution of my hair via this blog and will of course post regularly.

To be continued...


Valued member
Nice detailed account of the events. Feriduni is top class with his work. It would be cool to see your pictures.


Staff member
Sounds like you had a great experience and everything went smoothly. Any chance we can see some pictures?
All the best.



I am now almost 4 months after my operation.

I have to say that the period from 1 month to 3 months is not a nice one. I sometimes felt bad, which is why I didn't feel like posting about it right away.

Until 1 month after my operation, I noticed that my hairline was complete and hoped (probably like everyone else) that the transplanted hairs would not fall out.

Unfortunately, as Dr. Feriduni and his staff predicted, this was not the case.

During the period from 1 to 3 months, I often felt insecure and a bit down because I was confronted every day with my receding hairline (I had no long hair left to hide it). I have never worn a cap as much as during that period.

Fortunately, and also as predicted by Dr. Feriduni and his staff, I noticed that the transplanted hairs started to grow from month 3.

I went to the hairdresser regularly to shave the sides (I left the hairs on top of my head unchanged). You can see that it is coming more and more into a - nice - shape.

I am now almost 4 months along and I must admit that the results are becoming more and more visible and I am starting to feel better (see last photos).

Dr. Feriduni told me that I would only really see a result around month 6, but I think I can already see a big change.

I feel much better already.

I am also adding some photos of the past few months so that you can follow the evolution. Between each photo there is a time span of about 2 weeks.

I am curious what the future will bring.

So far, I can only confirm that everything Dr. Feriduni and his staff have predicted is correct and that I have not been lied to in any way.

I am therefore hopeful about the future and look forward to it.

I will of course keep you informed about the evolution of my hair.



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This is filling in good and will be plain sailing from now with you being past the difficult ugly duckling stage. Everyone always sounds happy with Feriduni and his attention to detail.


This is my progress after 6 months (photos cotrol-visit with doctor Feriduni). I am already very satisfied and happy with the result. Doctor Feriduni informed me that it will get even better. I'm looking forward to the end result (+/- after one year), but as I said, I'm already very satisfied :)

IMG_4731 k.jpg
IMG_4733 k.jpg
IMG_4735 k.jpg
IMG_4737 k.jpg
IMG_4740 k.jpg


This is filling in good and will be plain sailing from now with you being past the difficult ugly duckling stage. Everyone always sounds happy with Feriduni and his attention to detail.
I am critical and this was also about hair transplants, but if I can recommend one person, it is doctor Feriduni.


Staff member
I missed your 4 month update, apologies for that. 3 months was an average to see growth. From 4-6 months you’ve had a lot of growth and I must say your hairline is looking excellent. It’s no wonder you’re happy.
How is your donor looking?
Also, are you on any hair loss prevention regimen?
Thanks for the update.


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Has there been much change these past few months?