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Tom - NW 6/ 3000 FUHT grafts 6 month update

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Patient nicknamed Tom planned his hair restoration in 2 steps.
He would be classified as an early Norwood 6 level of hairloss.
He had less scalp donor laxity and average follicular unit density in the strip harvesting area.
His right temple point had eroded considerably and the hairline was non existent.
In the first step, he underwent a strip FUHT procedure to maximize the total number of grafts. He also underwent a small session of beard donor harvesting and transplant in the last few rows of the recipient area. This was to experience the healing and growth of the beard hair firsthand.
6 months later, in the second session, Tom plans to use a lot more beard hair and only limited scalp donor (both by FUSE method). But that is for later.
First we see pictures of the progress of the initial 3000 FUHT graft procedure 6 months later.
(Please note - at 6 months we expect 50% of the final density and coverage in the recipient area. Nevertheless, Tom is pleased with the progress so far.)

Before pictures

After pictures

graft placement picture

scalp donor area picture



My member is cooler than NN's

Dramatic change for the patient....

Am always interested in DR A's work using beard hairs..



Quite a trasformation patient must be well pleased,will be really interesting to see how he progresses.

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