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Top FUT surgeons from around the world




Can you guys please list the top/best FUT doctors around the world based on the quality of their work, ethics, natural looking results invisible scare and cost.

I think FUT is still the safer way to go from what I've been seeing/reading in terms of success rate and graft survival rate as hair transplants are risky procedures and the last thing you want is cutting a chunk of your scalp, waste thousands of good healthy donor hair just to end up with a low yield failed expensive procedure!

So if you can list the top FUT surgeons then it will make it easier for us to start shortlisting.​


4 awesome repairs with SMG
There are many world class FUT surgeons which is why people probably find it difficult to narrow things down on here dude.
I've been lucky that I've seen certain clinics FUT results in person and believe them to be incredible (not saying they are the best in the world as I have seen every surgeons results).
I've seen results from

Dr Shapiro (both Ron and Paul) and had surgery with them both and can confirm they are world class.
I've seen results from Dr David Josephitis who is also world class imo.

I've seen a couple of results from Dr Konior and was blown away.

I've seen several results from Dr Ball and they were all incredible.

I've seen one result from Hasson and Wong which was amazing as expected by their reputation.

Seen one guy a few years ago from Dr Farjo and his result was very natural looking with no hint of a transplant so that impressed me.

I met one guy in holiday who I noticed was browsing a hairloss forum and I plucked up the courage to speak with him (was a weird experience) and he said his brother had been to Hattingen Hair and was considering a transplant himself. When his brother came over I was really impressed with the density and naturalness of his hair.

Now I know there are many more world class surgeons who post great examples of their work but the ones I've posted are the FUT surgeons work I've seen personally so take that as you will.

Please not I've seen some equally amazing FUE surgeons work but you asked for FUT ones.

Please have a read of the forum though as theres many other incredible examples of FUT work from various clinics that are likely equally as talented but I haven't seen them in person that's all.