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Toppik, hat and microneedling after HT



Dear members,

Does anyone know how long you will need to wait after a hair transplant untill you can use fibers and/or a hat again? And microneedling, approximately?

Thanks in advance!!


Staff member
I used Toppik 10 days post-op without any issues. It is advisable to wash its out every night to keep your scalp/pores clean. You can check out my result in the patient section. A hat can be worn right after surgery. A loose fitting ball cap or loose surgical type hat are ok to use. A wooly hat is 7 days onwards. I’m not sure about micro needling as I’ve never done it. Best to check with your doctor if you have one.


Hi bigmac, I wanted to ask you about Toppik after HT too. Namely, I will be putting topical minoxidil 2-3 weeks after the HT (crown). I did it after my hairline HT last year, but this is a bigger surface area and hence a bigger mess with the hair. My point being - I am I right to resort to the following routine: spraying Toppik on the crown in the morning before going about my day and then washing my head in the evening and applying Minoxidil. I have read in different places that one could apply Minoxidil once a day since it lasted almost 24 hrs in the body. This would be convenient, since I would want to have it tampered with Toppik at any point and that I suppose would be messy. What do you think?

Also, how many hours should one wait before washing the hair after applying Minoxidil say in the morning?

Thanks a bunch!


Valued member
Topical minoxidil last in the scalp actively for 22 hours so once a day is fine, I would say 3 hours for it to be absorbed.