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Treatment before hair transplant



Hello guys long story short, im bald af im Nw 5-6 and i wanna try get a hair transplant soon..Ive only been on the Big 3 (minox,finasteride,nizoral)treatment like 5 years ago,for about 6 months but i had side effects and got scared and gave up.I wanna get back into treatment again so i can save the remaining hair i have and do my doctors job easier LOL. After research i have 2 things that i cant find.1):Dutasteride where can i find Duta in Canada? Im sure it needs a prescription but what kind of doctor should i refer to ? Dermatologist? I have a feeling not a lot of people know about Duta including doctors.Should i even bother or can i find any generic ones online? The 2nd):Ru58841 is a famous topical solution on hairloss forums but idk where can i find it online and if i can trust anyone whos selling it..I would appreciate your knowledge.Thanks have a nice day


Staff member
Hasson and Wong supply Dut. Not sure about RU.


Polygon, you are a nw 5-6 which is pretty advanced hair loss, you are worried you may lose more hair, are there men in your family with say NW7 or maybe higher? What makes you feel you will lose more hair? Curious really, would be interesting the areas you think can be saved so it is going to be a positive for your hair transplant. I am not saying you are wrong to do by the way, if you can keep more of your hair it has to be better.